blackridge airsoft

About us:

Blackridge airsoft club is a fresh and forever improving environment that is promoting airsoft for all ages. We at Blackridge like to run things smoothly making sure all players feel welcome and are enjoying the experience.

We are open to anyone, we do group discounts, kids parties & stag/hen, run competitions and much more. If you don't have the gear don't worry you can check out our contact page here. 

If you prefer indoor CQB or outdoor woodland this is the site for you. With a river running through the whole site and four bridges to access the other side. This site has many different game zones including an open area of woodland to host are famous fast game to warm you up, opposite to this is our multi terrain hill which leads to our camp mostly used for defensive games, further down we have our large concreted area with an indoor area for close up and intense CQB which leads on to our concrete trenches for our new pistol and shotgun game, further down we have the bottom half of the site which includes our bamboo island which is parallel to our jungle like woodland area which ends with the lake. The whole site is running beneath our rugged and wooded ridge which is used to flank and take out the opposing team from above. There are much more areas to the site with pathways to every corner for more intense action.